Katéa, The Helsinki, Finland-based chanteuse is one of the most inspiring new female artists to emerge in recent years and is poised for global success. Katéas Scandinavian origin brings in the wistful and profound features of northern mentality and combines it with international pop-scene. Her uniquely deep and vivid voice soars through the music and has a clear, easily recognizable own signature sound differencing her from the other big names in pop genres. Katéa has already impressed everyone with her amazingly wide vocal-register and true professionalism, which she has gained by performing and making music since the age of nine.
Katéa wields great songs, original and charismatic stage presence and a unique artistic vision that sets the creative bar very high. This stunningly talented young singer recently signed to a worldwide publishing deal with BMG Scandinavia. Katéa has written some great songs including her co-written debut single, “’That Ain’t Love,’” together with hot Swedish writer/producer team Moneybridge. The single was released in spring 2015 and it got massive positive attention in music media and aroused praising in different music related releases.
"'That Ain't Love' is a bombastic, soaring introduction to a special artist” – Clash
Year 2016 has already been a busy one for Katéa. She performed in February at Eurosonic festival in Netherlands, which is one of the biggest European music industry events that seeks out new talent. The trip was a great success, and brought up new collaborators within European scene.
Katéa released her debut EP, "Louder" including five songs on April 22nd. Second single “Louder” was released in April 8th. Katéa has been co-writing the material with some of the hippest Swedish teams, which include “The Family” and “Swedish Attack”. Besides the EP, Katéa has been busy writing new music and already has the strong material for a full album.


My debut EP Louder was released back in April! You can go and blast it through links down below. Also, if you would be a darling and go subscribe my YouTube Channel! You can find it through here: KATÉA     Louder_EP_artwork_1500px

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